It Won’t “Just Go Away”

Many people write off back pain as a problem that will go away on its own with time.  But ignoring back pain can cost you.  You may think that you can throw down a couple of anti-inflammatories to deal with the symptoms, but this pain may evolve into a chronic debilitating condition.

Receiving an accurate, expert diagnosis as quickly as possible is crucial to the effective treatment of back pain.  Sometimes, the problem is minor and can be treated with a combination of non-invasive therapies.  But your back pain could be a signal from your spine that something much more serious is taking place.


What’s the message?

You know you’re in pain, but you don’t know why.  That’s why it’s so important that you visit a back pain specialist to get to the bottom of the problem.  The source of your pain may be the result of a herniated disc.

Herniated discs are sometimes called prolapsed or slipped discs and are precipitated by pressure on the nerves.  Inside each of the discs in your spine is a substance which cushions your vertebrae.  When the disc is compromised by pressure caused by dysfunction, this substance is forced outside the disc, which creates pressure on your nerves.  Your entire spinal cord could be affected.

An early diagnosis can spare you further deterioration of a herniated disc.  You may also be suffering from disc degeneration due to age or an injury.  These conditions should be addressed promptly.

Whatever the cause of your back pain, it’s crucial that you seek professional medical help as soon as possible, as a serious condition may require surgical intervention.   Ignoring back pain can come with a high price.

A pain in the neck. Attention, please!

You may spend hours on the phone, with it cradled between your neck and shoulder.  Perhaps you’re seated at a computer for hours each day.  Your posture may have been poor in either of these activities, and that can lead to cervical spondylosis and neural impingement.

Cervical spondylosis can be a little tricky.  Because it tends to advance slowly, those who suffer from it routinely have mild symptoms and often avoid seeing a medical professional.  But experiencing the referred pain into the shoulder and in-between the shoulder blades can be a message from your spine that something may be seriously wrong in your cervical (neck) spine.

Potential sources of pain in the neck and shoulder can indicate that the vertebrae in your neck are out of alignment, causing pressure on nerves there.  You may have arthritis or discs which are degenerating due to postural problems or the aging process.

The pain caused by nerves which are pinched or compressed can be severe.  Depending on the root source of the pain, treatment may be as simple as medication and/or physical therapy.  Surgery may be indicated.  That’s why it’s so important that you make an appointment to see a back and neck pain specialist at your earliest opportunity.

Jersey Spine Associates specializes in diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the spine.  Your pain may not “just go away”.  Listen to your spine and contact us so that we may help.