Bridgeton Spinal Surgeons

Bridgeton Spinal SurgeonsAt Jersey Spine Associates, we treat back pain and immobility sufferers everywhere in South Jersey. If you are a resident seeking Bridgeton spinal surgeons, we have offices in both Marlton and Northfield, wherever is most convenient for you. We perform spinal surgeries and therapy for most every type of back pain, and we have an excellent record for successful procedures and patient gratification.

If you are a chronic back pain sufferer, you need to know that your condition isn’t likely going to “just go away”. You may be able to alleviate the symptoms with painkillers or potentially addicting prescription drugs, but these are only temporary fixes. If you don’t address the issue, it could cause more severe problems down the road, including mobility trouble. If you’re experiencing leg numbness or bladder control trouble, you should make an appointment for treatment as quickly as possible.

Back pain can be from any number of causes. It’s important to properly diagnose your specific issue and receive the personalized care you need. Our board-certified expert surgeon, Dr. Ravi K. Ponnappan, has dedicated his life’s work to treating back pain sufferers. He is fellowship trained in spinal surgery techniques, and he can pinpoint the cause of your pain and recommend the best options for you based on your condition and medical history. Dr. Ponnappan can perform minimally invasive surgery, or assist you with simple and effective therapy treatment.

We’ve spent years helping people suffering from back pain and immobility. We know how damaging it is to a person’s enjoyment of life. When you need experienced and effective Bridgeton spinal surgeons, call our Marlton or Northfield office and make an appointment. We will help you get treated quickly based on your schedule, and we’ll work with your insurance provider to minimize your costs. Stop tolerating the pain…call us today.