General Back Pain / General Neck Pain / Sciatic Nerve Pain

General Back PainOccasional back pain is fairly common, and generally nothing to worry about. If you experience acute, severe, or chronic back pain, however, it is not something you want to ignore. Severe pain could be an indication of a deeper problem that requires immediate treatment. At Jersey Spine Associates we work with patients suffering from back pain across New Jersey & Philadelphia, including Marlton, Northfield, Brick, Camden & Cherry Hill.

When Should You Seek Treatment for Back Pain or Neck Pain?

If your worst complaints are soreness or stiffness, you may want to have your back checked out by a spine or neck doctor, but you probably do not need emergency treatment. If, however, your back pain is chronic (lasting more than six weeks) or if it is accompanied by weakness or numbness in the legs and/or loss of bladder control, seek medical treatment immediately. Sudden onset of back pain and pain that interferes with your ability to sleep should also be checked out.

If you are experiencing chronic or severe back pain, don’t hesitate to call us at Jersey Spine Associates. Ravi K. Ponnappan, MD is a board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon and has many years of experience dealing with all kinds of back problems. You can count on Dr. Ponnappan to diagnose your problem quickly, and to prescribe the right treatment for the issue at hand.

What Should You Expect From Your Appointment?

When you call Jersey Spine Associates to make an appointment, you can expect to be treated with respect and empathy. We understand that your pain is real and that it has an effect on your quality of life and your ability to do the things you love to do. It is our goal to find an appointment time that works with your schedule so you can be seen by Dr. Ponnappan as quickly as possible.

On the day of your appointment, Dr. Ponnappan or one of his associates will perform a complete medical history as well as a physical exam to assess the extent of your conditions. If you have any prior x-rays, MRIs, or CTs, please bring them with you or have your doctor fax a copy to our office. After the exam, Dr. Ponnappan may recommend additional tests or studies in order to make and confirm a diagnosis, after which he will prescribe the recommended course of treatment. Treatment options vary greatly, depending on the severity of the condition, but you can rest assured that Dr. Ponnappan will discuss all of the options with you so you feel confident in the treatment plan you choose.

Recognized as one  of  South Jersey’s Top Back & Spine Doctors

Dr. Ravi K. Ponnappan, MD completed his fellowship in advanced techniques and complex spinal surgery of the thoracic, cervical, and lumbar spine. He is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who has devoted his career to serving individuals who suffer from spinal conditions, and is also very active in the fields of research and teaching, as well as medical innovation. Dr. Ponnappan is a member of the North American Spine Society, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, and the Cervical Spine Research Society. He has been rated as one of the best physicians in terms of patient satisfaction, and has been recognized as one of southern New Jersey’s Top Doctors in the field of orthopedic spine surgery.