Hammonton NJ Spinal Surgeons

Hammonton NJ Spinal SurgeonsJersey Spine Associates is a trusted and professional name in treating back pain and other spinal conditions. We provide surgical and non-surgical services from three offices in South Jersey, and our Northfield office is conveniently located for residents in need of Hammonton NJ spinal surgeons. If you or someone you know is suffering from any type of back pain, we can help.

Jersey Spine has been helping patients of all types overcome back pain and ailments for nearly ten years now. Our in-house surgeon, Dr. Ravi K. Ponnappan is fellowship trained with the education and experience to treat all types of spinal conditions. Dr. Ponnappan is experienced in performing surgeries in every region of the spine, and can perform minimally invasive, small-incision surgeries.

Your back pain can result from any number of causes. It could be from simple disc degeneration, which, if not addressed, could turn into a more serious condition of disc herniation and sciatica. If your pain is in the lower back region, it could be from lumbar stenosis, which can and should also be treated. You could also have a damaged spinal cord from inflammation. Whatever the cause, continuous back pain shouldn’t be ignored. It likely won’t “just go away”, and in fact it could grow much worse.

Fortunately, Jersey Spine can help. We perform all types of surgeries from simple to complex, including anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF), cervical disc replacement, and lumbar discectomy for lower back pain troubles. Our procedures are minimally invasive and involve the smallest of incisions, and include the replacement of discs and tissue for stability. If need be we can correct an unsuccessful past back surgery. Have a look at our Spinal Procedures page to learn more.

If you’re a local resident suffering from back pain and need professional, experienced Hammonton NJ spinal surgeons, don’t wait. Contact the Northfield office of Jersey Spine Associates today for an appointment, and take the first step back towards your pain-free lifestyle.