NJ Spinal Surgeons That Work With Worker’s Comp Lawyers

NJ Spinal Surgeons That Work With Worker’s Comp LawyersIf you’re searching for NJ spinal surgeons that work with worker’s comp lawyers, you’re probably hoping to avoid difficulties or obstacles in your rightful claims. At Jersey Spine Associates, we can help.

Worker’s compensation for injuries is a stressful situation for all of the parties involved, including employers and case managers but especially for injured employees and their families. If you’re suffering from a back injury that happened in the workplace, finding the right physician to work with a compensation lawyer can be challenging. Call on spinal surgeons who understand your needs.

Since back injuries are among the most common in the workplace, Jersey Spine Associates has a great deal of experience with worker’s comp cases. Dr. Ravi K. Ponnappan has been working with patients through worker’s compensation since 2005, and he makes every effort to help patients with work-related spinal injuries.

Our compensation department will arrange for authorized appointments with worker’s comp lawyers and insurance adjusters, and we’ll obtain authorization for diagnoses and surgical procedures. We’ll take care to ensure things go smoothly with no surprises.

Our office will handle all of your worker’s comp needs:

· Scheduling Appointments – We will contact your worker’s comp lawyers and schedule a compensation appointment as soon as possible.

· Communication – Our compensation team is available throughout the day Monday thru Friday to take your calls and answer your questions by phone.

· Expertise – Our staff has been handling worker’s comp cases in NJ for many years and we have a wealth of expertise and experience in the administrative aspects of your case.

If you’ve suffered a back injury in the workplace, you have enough to worry about. Call on the NJ spinal surgeons that work with worker’s comp lawyers and can do so effectively. Contact Jersey Spine Associates today at 609-601-4920 and ask how we can help.