Now Offering Non-Surgical Options for Spine Pain

Now Offering Non-Surgical Options For Spine Pain

At Jersey Spine Associates, we fully understand our patients’ trepidation at the thought of surgery and procedures, and may want to consider other options if possible. That’s why we are now offering non-surgical options for spine pain and treatment. If your back and spine pain is bothersome enough to seek treatment, we have options available for you that are non-surgical and proven to be successful with many patients.

Our non-surgical treatments include therapy and nutritional care for cervical and lumbar herniated discs, sciatica and radiating pain, and general neck and mid- and lower back pain. Our non-surgical options for treating spine pain include:

Exercise and Stretching Programs. Our dynamic stretching exercises are tailored for your specific pain points, and help to increase your flexibility, which in turn reduces your back pain. We can design your exercises to help you feel better and stay better.

Nutritional Care. We can evaluate your blood work to establish your nutritional status, and can prescribe a diet of healthier foods and nutritional supplements are the most important to a healthier lifestyle with reduced pain.

At Jersey Spine Associates, we want you to feel comfortable that we are helping to reduce your back pain through the least invasive methods possible, and that is one reason we are now offering non-surgical options for spine pain. If you’d like to find out more and speak with one of our doctors, click here to arrange an appointment. We are looking forward to helping you reduce your back pain and enjoy your life again.