Reconstructive Spine Surgery in South Jersey

Reconstructive Spine Surgery in South Jersey

Back pain and injuries are incredibly draining and can put serious cramps in your lifestyle, but it’s important to carefully consider any surgical options. Reach out to Jersey Spine Associates today for your reconstructive spine surgery in South Jersey. We have been faithfully serving patients from our Marlton facility for over ten years now, and we’ve helped many patients reclaim their lives again.

We urge our patients to rely on educated physicians to remedy them of spine problems. Dr. Ravi K. Ponnappan, MD, has been serving the South Jersey community for over nine years, specializing primarily in spinal surgery, including the neck, mid-back, and lumbar regions. He is trained in complex spine reconstructive techniques as well as minimally invasive spinal surgery approaches.

We help our clients through proper education of the cause of their pain, allowing them to make appropriate decisions in managing the spinal conditions that are currently limiting them. The first step in our process involves your free consultation that will lead you to making the best choice for treatment. We believe that the correct diagnosis is vitally important to deciding on proper treatment and to help patients return to a more functional lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible.

Dr. Ponnappan’s certifications and board involvements include: 

You can find out more about the details of Jersey Spine’s reconstructive procedures here

Dr. Ponnappan will help you with his expertise and training to diagnose and plan the needed reconstructive spine surgery that will alleviate your pain and improve your mobility again. He has been rated one of the top physicians in patient satisfaction, and has been honored as one of southern New Jersey’s Top Doctors in orthopaedic spine surgery. 

Jersey Spine Associates Spinal Surgery – Testimonials

Dr. Ponnappan’s work has meant a lot to people who were curious about the benefits of reconstructive spinal surgery.

“I feel very fortunate to have found Dr Ponnappan. He is an incredible doctor with an impeccable bedside manner. His care and knowledge of his field have relieved me of chronic back and leg pain! His staff is very responsive and a pleasure to deal with!!” – Melanie Mohr

“I would highly recommend Dr. Ponnappan to anyone in need of spine surgery. He is a very down to earth, kind and compassionate person who takes time to get to know each and every one of his patients.” – Melissa Kay

Contact our office for a free consultation today, and we’ll be sure to give you the best guidance on reconstructive spine surgery in South Jersey.

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