An Outstanding Spine Specialist In Marlton, NJ

I’ve had chronic back pain for most of my life and have tried everything to make it go away.  I’m lucky to have a jetted tub at home which really helps me deal with it after work.  To keep earning a pay check, though, I’ve been falling back on drug therapy and it’s starting to upset my stomach.

Recently, I was having a bad pain day when I met a friend for a beer and he noticed that I wasn’t myself.  I told him I was at the end of my rope with the pain.  My back was screaming as I sat there.

My friend could see that I hurt, so he told me about a spine specialist in Marlton, NJ.

Jersey Spine Associates.

Dr. Ravi K. Ponnappan is a renowned spine specialist in Marlton, NJ.  My friend told me Dr. Ponnappan practiced at Jersey Spine Associates and that he’d really helped him when he’d been recovering from an injury.

My friend’s pain had been greatly relieved with the help of Dr. Ponnappan.  This doctor listened and truly cared about my friend’s health and wellness.  Dr. Ponnappan relieved my friend’s back pain, helping him recover and get back to living.

I scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Ponnappan.  I’m glad I did, because my back pain has been drastically diminished.  I can even look forward to a day when I’ll be pain free, because of this exceptional spine specialist in Marlton, NJ.

As a spine specialist, Dr. Ponnappan stays on top of the latest advances in back pain treatments.  His commitment to research benefits patients like me, who want to know they’re in the best hands possible and have access to the latest in back pain care.

I really believed in Dr. Ponnappan from our initial consultation, because he’s certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons and belongs to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.  His reputation as a first-rate spine surgeon is well-deserved.  He was amazing to deal with.  He gave me medical  care that made it clear my wellbeing mattered to him.

Just you.  Just spine.

Jersey Spine Associates is where I found an exceptional spine specialist in Marlton, NJ that I’m so grateful for.  Jersey Spine is all about you and your spine, so you know you it’s the right place to get exceptional care for back pain and spine problems.  You’re in truly expert hands with Dr. Ponnappan, at Jersey Spine.

The best available care.

If you’re suffering from chronic back pain and need a spine specialist who cares about you as an individual, Dr. Ravi Ponnappan is the doctor you’re looking for.  He’s the spine specialist in Marlton, NJ who finds the perfect solution for every patient.

I’m glad I took my friend’s advice and booked with Jersey Spine.  I found an award-winning spine specialist in Marlton, NJ who helped me get a handle on my back pain.

Contact Jersey Spine to book an appointment with Dr. Ponnappan and get the back pain support you need.