Spine Surgery Second Opinion

Spine Surgery Second OpinionWhile most spinal surgeons are thorough and can be trusted, it is possible to miss key elements of a spinal diagnosis. If you are suffering from chronic back pain that is severely impacting your life, and you’re not sure about the diagnosis, it’s wise to seek a spine surgery second opinion. At Jersey Spine Associates in South Jersey, we offer an absolutely free Case review, and we can help truly pinpoint the cause of your back pain and determine the best treatment.

If you’ve been living with back pain from arthritis, disc degeneration, or an injury, you probably are aware that it isn’t going to just go away. You may need surgery or therapy to treat the pain once it is fully diagnosed. Our board certified orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Ravi K. Ponnappan, has dedicated his career to helping patients with chronic back pain and spinal injuries, and he can help you overcome your pain and enjoy your life again.

When you arrange an appointment for your spine surgery second opinion, we will thoroughly examine your medical history, and review your Case no charge. Once we’ve pinpointed the true cause of your pain, Dr. Ponnappan will sit with you to explain your best treatment options. Your treatment may include physical therapy or minimally invasive surgeries including cervical disc replacement and spinal fusion. Dr. Ponnappan can also correct a failed back surgery in your past.

We know that medical care is expensive, and in addition to offering a free second opinion of your Case, we can work with your provider to keep your costs down. Should you be suffering from a workplace injury, we’ll assist your worker’s comp attorney to help ensure that you receive fair compensation.

Contact one of our offices in Marlton, Northfield, or Brick today to request your free Case review and spine surgery second opinion. You deserve to live a pain-free life.