Revision Spine Surgery

No matter how skilled your orthopedic surgeon is, there is always a risk that a surgical procedure may not work. If a surgical procedure does not have the desired effect, the patient may have to undergo revision spine surgery—a second procedure to correct the problem.

Reasons Revision Spine Surgery Might Be Necessary

Revision Spine SurgeryThere are a number of situations in which revision spine surgery might be required. For example, if the original procedure was not performed correctly and spinal implants were improperly placed, a second surgery may be needed to correct the issue. In cases of improper healing or infection, surgery may be the only option. It is also possible for the patient’s condition to worsen after surgery. For example, a patient might undergo a discectomy, just to have another disc become herniated during recovery. It is also possible for disc degeneration to worsen after surgery, causing additional pain and the need for a second surgery.

One of the biggest risks associated with any kind of surgery is infection. If you undergo spinal surgery and develop an infection during recovery, the surgeon will have to go back in to clear out the infection. It is also possible that the original diagnosis was incorrect, and therefore, the original procedure ineffective. In cases like these or in cases where the original procedure was not 100 percent effective, a second surgery may be needed.

Risks and Benefits of Revision Spine Surgery

Any kind of surgery can place a heavy toll on the body, so a secondary surgery during the recovery period can be extremely risky. There are cases, however, when revision spine surgery is the only option. In cases like this, you need to be sure that your surgeon understands the complexity of the procedure and that he or she is properly qualified to perform it. Even the simplest of surgical procedures can become complicated during revision spine surgery.

Though there are many risks associated with revision spine surgery, there are some benefits as well. For one thing, if the original surgery did not resolve the issue, the second surgery should. If the same surgeon performs your revision spine surgery, he or she will already have some idea of what to expect when he opens you up, and this may help to reduce complications.

What to Expect from Jersey Spine Associates

Undergoing invasive surgery can be scary for anyone, but when you choose Jersey Spine Associates you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands. Our team is highly qualified and Dr. Ponnappan is a renowned orthopedic spine surgeon with an excellent surgical success rate and a proven record for customer satisfaction. When you come in for your surgery, we will go over the procedure with you in detail, answering all of your questions and addressing any concerns before you go under anesthesia.

As you recover from your revision spine surgery, you will do so with peace of mind that Jersey Spine Associates is only a phone call away. If you have questions, concerns, or complications, do no hesitate to call. You can always contact us by phone or by using our website