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Voorhees NJ Spinal SurgeonsAt Jersey Spine Associates, we’re here to help you finally overcome your debilitating back pain and injuries. Local residents looking for Voorhees NJ spinal surgeons can contact our Marlton office just minutes away.

Our fellowship trained surgeon, Dr. Ravi K. Ponnappan, has been helping patients overcome back ailments for nearly a decade. Dr. Ponnappan performs spinal surgeries involving the neck, mid-back and lumbar regions; he also performs minimally invasive spinal surgeries.

We know how difficult and frustrating severe back pain can be. You may be passing on gatherings with your children or grandchildren because you know the experience will be too painful. Or maybe you are unable to perform at your workplace the way you’d like. Or maybe you are limited in your travel options or even day to day activities.

Back pain and deformities have a number of symptoms and causes. You could be suffering from disc degeneration caused by aging, which can result in disc herniation and sciatica if not addressed. Chronic lower back pain can be a result of lumbar stenosis, also common in older patients and treatable. The spinal cord could be damaged through inflammation or infection. Chronic and excessive back pain is not something to ignore. Do not assume that it will just go away; spinal injuries can grow much worse if not treated.

Fortunately, if you are suffering from these conditions and are in search of experienced and professional Voorhees NJ spinal surgeons, Jersey Spine Associates can help. We perform complex surgeries such as anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF), cervical disc replacement, and lumbar discectomy. These procedures are often minimally invasive, requiring small incisions, and include disc removal and replacement with tissue fusion to provide stability. We also can perform surgeries to correct failed back surgeries and laser surgeries that replace scalpels in making necessary cuts. See our Spinal Procedures page to find out more about the treatments we offer.

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At our office in Marlton NJ, Jersey Spine takes great care to educate and treat patients in need of Voorhees NJ spinal surgeons. We help you make the best decision for dealing with your back ailments. Our goal is to help you live a pain-free lifestyle again. Contact us today to request an appointment, and take a step towards enjoying your life again.

Are you interested in finding a possible non-surgical solution for your back pain? Jersey Spine Associates offers multiple non-surgical options as well…click here to learn more!