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Life is hard when you suffer from a spinal injury or condition. The pain and discomfort can prevent you from doing even the simplest tasks. In these situations, you need the help of a skilled and experienced orthopedic surgeon. At Jersey Spine Association, you can get quality spine surgery in Washington Township.

We offer a wide range of surgical procedures such as minimally invasive lumbar discectomy, cervical disc replacement, anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, revision spine surgery, and laser spine surgery. We address a variety of spinal conditions and injuries such as general back and neck pain, cervical/lumbar disc herniation, spondylosis, sciatic nerve pain, adult degenerative scoliosis, adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, failed back surgery, spinal fractures, spinal tumors, and many more.

Why You should Choose Us

At Jersey Spine Surgery, we can provide you with a wide range of surgical treatments for spinal conditions and injuries. We have many years of experience, making us the right choice when you need medical care for your injury or condition. Our goal is to provide quality care to provide relief from pain and help you live a normal daily life again. We use the most advanced technologies and techniques to provide effective treatment.

We are the Best

Our team of experts includes Dr. Ravi K. Ponnappan, a highly decorated orthopedic surgeon. With his vast knowledge, experience and skills, your injury or condition is given the best medical attention. He makes sure that every procedure is performed with precision and care. We strive to provide world-class medical care for a fantastic outcomes every time.

Your Problems Go Away with Us

Whether you injured yourself while playing a sport or suffer from a spinal condition such as spondylosis, we make sure that you get the right treatment. We offer the latest treatment approaches to ensure that your pain and discomfort is eased. We provide our services in state-of-the-art facilities with great amenities so that you have the comfort you need for your surgery as well as recovery. No matter what your injury or condition is, you can rest assured knowing that your treatment is in the best hands in the business.

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Getting the best care for your spinal injury or condition is critical, and at Jersey Spine Association, you can be sure that you will always be provided with outstanding care and respect. Our specialist who is a highly revered surgeon in the medical community, Dr. Ponnappan, will make sure that you are set up to receive the right surgery to improve the quality of your life. For the best spine surgery in Washington Township, call the experts at Jersey Spine Association.

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