Why Bigger Isn’t Better When It Comes To Surgical Practices

Why Bigger Isn’t Better When It Comes To Surgical Practices

If you’ve spent time seeking treatment for back pain or other medical problems, you’ve probably dealt with surgical centers large and small. You may even be familiar with how larger hospitals seem to treat patients as profit sources rather than people. But there are multiple reasons why bigger isn’t better when it comes to surgical practices, and it goes beyond less personalized treatment.

This article from Newsmax cites a Consumer Reports study that reveals multiple problems associated with big name hospitals as opposed to the smaller community surgical centers. The study revealed that a larger number of patients experienced longer than expected stays in name hospitals, and that well-known hospitals tended to have a lesser success rating in surgical outcomes.

Part of the problem, as the article notes, is staffing…especially doctor turnover. In brand name hospitals, the most effective surgeons tend to move on after a few years to a different area, resulting in a decline in patient care. By contrast, surgeons in community hospitals and smaller practices tend to put down their roots and live in the area, and they become familiar with the local residents and their staff.

Dr. Ravi K. Ponnappan of Jersey Spine Associates has practiced and remained in the South Jersey community for many years now, and he has focused his career on helping back pain sufferers throughout the region. While Jersey Spine features three locations for your convenience, Dr. Ponnappan still meets with all of his patients to discuss diagnosis and treatment options. Dr. Ponnappan possesses numerous qualifications and awards, but his focus is still on serving residents in South Jersey.

At Jersey Spine Associates, we believe our staff stability and dedication to all of our patients is one of many examples of why bigger isn’t better when it comes to surgical practices. If you are suffering from chronic back pain or a debilitating spinal condition, reach out to us today. We can help.